Please note:  This is a "partner" event. No discounts or vouchers are eligible.

Wing Woman Networking/Pole Dance class for single women 25-45
Meet your new BFF and learn some basic pole moves that comes in handy as a single!
Meeting a man in NYC is not the easiest of tasks. What makes it even tougher is if you don't have a reliable wing woman to help navigate the NYC single scene with. Every single woman needs a dependable wing woman, equally motivated to go out with you to happy hours, clubs, bars, parties and everything else as single women we don't want to hit "solo". Pole dancing is also a hot skill to have in your repetoire as a NY single. Meet 15-25 other "single and fabulous" women at our speed networking event and learn some basic pole dancing moves from a professional over drink specials. My predictions is that you'll hit it off and leave with more numbers than any other singles event you've been to.

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