Please note:  Take advantage of the early-bird ticket price.  Ticket prices will increase as the event gets closer.

So you're single. Rather than spending the weekend before Valentine's Day staying in and watching a Lifetime Movie of the week, 
why not go out on what is one of the biggest hook-up nights of the year in NYC and potentially line up a date for Valentines Day? 

Think about it, if someone is available to go out on Valentine's Day, they're more likely than not, legitimately single!  

What to expect:
  • 400+ singles in their 20s, 30s and 40s
  • Event runs from 9pm to 2am arrive at your leisure
  • Hip-hop and Top-40 all-night
  • Complimentary appetizers while they last
  • Ice-breaker to help facilitate introductions

How to get there:

Pre V-Day Video

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