10/03/2012 John P. "SingleAndTheCity has the best dating events in the city. Period. Hands Down! Well organized, never waste your time, and simple ways to connect with people make it the best. I have met quality people at all the events and dated a few. I have not met a long term match yet, but it is only a matter of time! Plus, the diverse themes for each event really make it easy to meet specific people. I have attended the " Hot or Not" and the " 6'1" and over " event and had a blast each time. Being 6'3" it is great meeting women who already think height is a turn on. Plus once you sign up, the people at SingleAndTheCity let you know about great singles events around the city. If you are looking for a great singles event, sign up now, you won't be disappointed!5.0 star rating
08/03/2012 Buffi J. Did my first event two weeks ago and had a blast! I never have luck meeting attractive guys out at bars. Attended the Fireman Singles party and the guys were great. Still talking to a super cute fireman from Ladder 12! Highly recommend!
07/28/2012 Sara R. I went to several events with this group. Every time I went I had a BLAST! Oh- and I met the man of my dreams! We are completely in love! We met at the Love Is A Number's Game Rooftop Party at Hudson Terrace and we thank the founders of SingleAndTheCity everyday. Thank you guys so much for putting this together.
06/30/2012 Darbi I went to one of these events and had a surprisingly good time. Full disclosure.....one of the owners is an acquaintance of mine, which is the ONLY reason I found myself at a singles mixer. As skeptical as I was, I had a great time. I have been to many events since and would recommend to all of my friends. SingleAndTheCity runs the best events in NYC.
04/23/2012 L.D. The people that you meet at these singles events are high quality - educated with good jobs, interesting, and attractive. The events are well run and the venues are ones where it's easy to talk to people. I've always made at least one match and dated a few people for a bit although I haven't made a long lasting connection yet. I do wish they'd narrow the age range down. They do have a few 20s or 30s or 40s events but for most of the themed events the age range is 25-45. I think a 10 year age range is fine but 20 is too much. I've mostly stayed to the events with the narrower age range but it's a shame that there aren't more of them. The one time that I did try a larger age range it seemed that almost all the guys were way younger than I was and it wasn't a lot of fun.
03/28/2012 Ari I went to a few events and was always amazed at the quality of people. Its amazing the connection you can sometimes feel after just a few minutes. I found it the most efficient way to meet knew people in the city.I love the different themes and besides being efficient it is just plain fun :) It was sometimes challenging to remember everyone because you meet so many different people in the course of the night. I met my girlfriend at thier HOT or NOT singles mixer and we have been dating for 2 months.
01/26/2012 Megan Went to the firefighter event this month and had a blast! The people who run the show do an amazing job and they don't leave you hanging - they'll actively help you along in getting introduced to the men with things like the great icebreaker games that get everyone talking to each other! The guys are incredibly nice, down-to-earth and funny as hell!
06/09/2011 Random E. SingleAndTheCity rocks! I have been to a few events like their Cinco de Mayo Singles Party in which we got to mingle with some great people. They have a wide range of interesting themed singles events that make it fun. Their singles party are always well put together and they do a great job to get some good looking people out. I can't wait for their next singles event.
06/03/2011 Kat S. I've been single and dating in NYC since I moved here a few years ago from Atlanta. I was very unimpressed with dating services and dating events in the city. The quality of NYC singles attending the events was really lacking. Have done both singles parties and speed dating events with this company and enjoyed every event I attended. Very professionally run. The themes are great and I think it's really cool to know somewhat what you're going to be getting at each singles event you sign up for rather than it just being a crapshoot based solely on age. I've done dating with firemen, tall men, democrats and men with accents. Can't say I've dated anyone long-term from the events but definitely dated guys I've met and met some great friends. Highly recommend.